Molecular Microbiology:

Tools and Services For Microbe Detection & Identification


Pathogen DNA Isolation


From clinical samples for sensitive PCR diagnosis. Up to 40,000x higher sensitivity than conventional DNA isolation.



  • New: SelectNA™plus - Automated One Step Pathogen Enrichment and DNA Extraction from Blood and Other Body Fluids
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  • MTB-DNA Blood: New Kit for Targeted Isolation of Mycobacterial DNA from up to 10 ml Blood
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  • Missed our ECCMID-Symposium on Direct Molecular Testing of Microbial Infections on 11th of May in Barcelona? Presentations and pictures are now available
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  • Workshop: Professional Training for Precise Pathogen Identification
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SelectNA™ and SelectNAplus

Isolation of pathogen DNA from clinical samples for PCR diagnosis. Less hands-on time and contamination.


Genomic DNA Isolation


High yield isolation of DNA: cultured cells, blood, bacteria and fungi. Low and high molecular size plasmids.


DNA-free PCR Reagents and Assays

MolTaq 16S/18S - Mastermix 16S/18S

Taq polymerase and mastermixes for customized PCR and universal assays for the sensitive detection of bacterial and fungal DNA.


Standard PCR Reagents

MolTaq - Mastermix

Highly active Taq polymerase for daily high throughput PCR assaying.


Next Generation Sequencing

Ultra-Deep Microbiome Prep

Solutions for microbial nucleic acid extraction from body fluids and tissue for microbiome analyses.



Customized ultra-pure mastermixes, pathogen identification and assay development services.


Clinical Diagnostics

SepsiTestTM / UMD

Direct molecular identification of pathogens from blood, body fluids and tissue. Validated for >345 microbes.