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Sequence Analysis Software - SepsiTest™ BLAST

As a special service, Molzym offers a sequence analysis software (SepsiTest™ BLAST) that you can use completely free of charge.


SepsiTest™ BLAST is an innovative, web-based microbial identification software. The SepsiTest™ BLAST algorithm allows for identification of single (partial) small subunit rRNA sequences in a rapid and highly reliable way. It can easily be accessed via www.sepsitest-blast.net and represents an optimised BLAST search against a superior quality database containing more than 7,300 high quality and fully classified 16S and 18S rRNA gene sequences. All known sequences of bacterial type strains plus a selection of cultivated fungi including the genera Candida, Aspergillus and Cryptococcus are included in this software. For a fast overview and your search for particular organisms, we offer an alphabetical sorted list of all SepsiTest™ BLAST entries within an Excel file - open/download.
Set-up of SepsiTest™ BLAST was motivated by the identification of pathogens but the system may also be used for other purposes including pharmaceutical QC issues, environmental microbiology, food microbiology, and water quality control.


SepsiTest™ BLAST has been designed in cooperation with Ribocon, a bioinformatics service provider for microbiology. Together with Ribocon, we offer advanced classification and in-depth phylogenetic analysis. A fully automated bioinformatics pipeline including phylogenetic analysis, advanced ORF finding, and automatical annotation allows to process your sequence data in a fast and efficient way. Results are provided in an easy-to-install database plus a powerful software tool for subsequent local data exploration.

For further information, please contact Ribocon (www.ribocon.com) or our customer support (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.); tel. +49 (0) 421-69 61 62-17).