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Kits - DNA-free PCR Reagents

Mastermix16SComplete2    A series of kits are especially dedicated to the sensitive and specific detection of bacterial and fungal pathogens in samples. All reagents are manufactured DNA-free with respect to microbial DNA contaminations. Likewise, the reagents are highly active in their amplification performance. DNA-free MolTaq 16S/18S and Hot MolTaq 16S/18S are the Taq DNA polymerases of choice if you experience contamination problems with other standard Taqs. The new developed Hot MolTaq 16S/18S, combines the favourable characters of MolTaq 16S/18S with hot start amplification and thereby increased specificity.  Master mixes contain pre-assembled reagents necessary for PCR, including dNTPs, buffer, Mg2+ (3mM final) and BSA. Mastermix 16S/18S Basic and Mastermix 16S/18S Dye are available for assays using custom primers, Mastermix 16S Primer and Mastermix 16S Complete for universal detection of bacterial DNA, and Mastermix 18S Primer and Mastermix 18S Complete for universal detection of fungal DNA in samples by PCR and Real-Time PCR, respectively. The master mixes are 2.5x concentrated.


Product Overview:

Product Application Quotation Request
MolTaq 16S/18S Taq for bacterial and fungal DNA detection request
Hot MolTaq 16S/18S Hot start Taq for bacterial and fungal DNA detection
Mastermix 16S/18S Basic custom PCR assays
Mastermix 16S/18S Dye custom Real-Time PCR assays
Mastermix 16S Primer eubacterial PCR assay
Mastermix 18S Primer panfungal PCR assay
Mastermix 16S Complete eubacterial Real-Time PCR assay
Mastermix 18S Complete panfungal Real-Time PCR assay



Application Custom primers Eubacterial assays
Panfungal assays

Mastermix 16S/18S Mastermix 16S Mastermix 18S
Basic Dye Primer
MolTaq 16S/18S, buffer, water + + + + + +
dNTPs + + + + + +
Fluorescing dye - + - + - +
Universal 16S primers - - + + - -
Universal 18S primers - - - - + +



DNA-free water is high quality PCR-grade water that is used in the setup of PCR and Real-Time PCR assays demanding high accuracy of analysis. Applications comprise quality control of manufacturing processes in pharma and biotechnology, contamination control of food products, environmental analysis, molecular infection diagnosis, SNP and other hereditary mutation analyses, and research. DNA-free water allows the precise molecular analysis with utmost reliability. This product is manufactured under strict quality control management guaranteeing the absence of human and microbial DNA contamination (<3% false-positive rate).

Product Content Quotation Request
DNA-free water, PCR-grade DNA-free water, 10x 1.7ml  request


Sequencing Primers in conjunction with eubacterial PCR assays (Mastermix 16S Primer and Mastermix 16S Complete) and panfungal PCR assays (Mastermix 18S Primer and Mastermix 18S Complete):

Product Content Application Quotation Request
Set of sequencing primers eubacterial SeqGP16 and SeqGN16 (10pmol/µl) sequencing of amplicons request
Sequencing primer panfungal SeqYeast (10pmol/µl) sequencing of amplicons


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