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Molysis Technology

The problem with molecular infection diagnosis is that conventional DNA isolation generates a mixture of human DNA and pathogen DNA the former being in great excess to the target. This in turn can result in unspecific PCR signals and a decrease in detection sensitivity as a consequence of primer binding to sites on the human DNA.

To face this problem, Molzym has developed a technology, MolYsis™, that nearly quantitatively (>95%) removes human non-target DNA from whole blood and other clinical samples while DNA is isolated from pathogen cells. The procedure is very simple and comprises a short pre-treatment of the sample, thereafter discharged into the used DNA isolation procedure.

Please take a look at the movie sketch to learn more about how MolYsis™ pre-treatment tunes conventional nucleic acid extraction to a highly specific pathogen DNA isolation system.

Watch a video about the MolYsis™ technology


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