MolYsis™ - Pathogen DNA Isolation (Bacteria & Fungi)

MolYsis Benefits:
  • Removal of human DNA
  • Removal of PCR inhibitors
  • Sensitivity increase up to factor 40,000
  • Broad-range lysis of Gram-positive, Gram-negative bacteria and fungi
  • DNA-free reagents
  • 0.2-10ml sample volume
  • Automation available
MolYsis is a pre-analytical tool serving the molecular detection of bacteraemia, fungemia and other infections. MolYsis™ constitutes of a unique system for the targeted isolation of microbial DNA from clinical samples. By the selective lysis of human cells and the degradation of non-target human DNA, PCR analysis of pathogens is extremely enhanced through increased sensitivity and specificity.
The result of MolYsis™ pre-treatment with concomitant isolation of enriched pathogen DNA is an increase of the PCR analytical sensitivity of up to 40,000-fold compared to conventional total DNA isolation.
Molzym offers pre-treatment kits, MolYsis Basic, MolYsis Basic5 and MolYsis Basic10 that can be combined with any microbial DNA isolation kit established in the laboratory, including manual and automated systems. Pre-treatment and DNA isolation kits, MolYsis Complete5 and MolYsis Complete10 combine all pre-analytical components and procedures necessary for high sensitivity pathogen PCR analysis. Blood cultures can be extracted by MolYsis Plus providing highly pure pathogen DNA for PCR analysis.