SelectNA Benefits:


  • Up to 40,000-fold enriched pathogen DNA
  • Flexible: 1 to 12 samples
  • Saves 50% hands-on time
  • UV decontamination
  • No cross contamination
  • Isolation of femtogram amounts of DNA
  • DNA-free reagents
  • Especially for pathogen detection in clinical samples


40,000-fold enrichment of Pathogen-DNA

SelectNA is the unique automated DNA isolation platform for molecular diagnosis of infectious diseases. Combined with the pre-treatment tool for pathogen enrichment from clinical samples, MolYsis, the SelectNA™ Blood Pathogen Kit is used with the instrument forming an ideal system for pathogen DNA enrichment and isolation from whole blood. The isolated DNA can be used directly with any PCR assay for bacteria and fungi detection. The automated system is particularly efficient with Molzym’s DNA-free PCR reagents and universal microbial detection assays.
SelectNA is the flexible automation platform enabling the isolation of pathogen DNA from 1 to 12 samples. The instrument reduces the hands-on time of manual extraction by 50%. A strong UV source ensures a contained environment avoiding DNA contamination from handling errors. The proprietary automated procedure includes the extraction and magnetic beads-mediated isolation of pathogen DNA from whole blood.

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