FAQ - Routine PCR Reagents

  • Can MolTaq be used for hotstart amplification?
    Hot start PCR is being used to avoid non-specific reaction products. For this purpose, the enzyme is complexed with Taq-specific antibodies with the effect that Taq activity is repressed until the antibodies are heat-denatured near the optimum of Taq reaction. MolTaq is designed for routine amplification, and here it is superb, comparable in quality to products of competitors. If desired, MolTaq can be used in conjunction with anti-Taq antibodies (not available at Molzym).
  • What is the effect of the PCR enhancer delivered?
    The PCR enhancer supplied with MolTaq is used in cases of G+C-rich DNA templates which are often not amplifiable under standard conditions. Reason: G+C-rich DNA tends to melt at temperatures near that of the optimum for amplification (72 °C): PCR primers do not bind properly and, as an effect, PCR products are not formed. The PCR enhancer lowers the melting temperature of the template DNA, primers bind and a PCR product is formed. Another reason for weak or a lack of PCR product formation is internal base pairing of single-stranded template DNA (hairpin structures), which inhibits amplification. The PCR enhancer prevents such structures.
  • Can MolTaq be used for real time PCR?
    Yes, with fluorescent dye and probe detection, respectively.
  • What is the function of the red dye in MolTaqRed and MolTaqRed Mastermix?
    The red dye has two effects: a) one can see what is being pipetted; smallest volumes of Moltaq (0.2-0.5 µl) are visible when being placed in the tube. This reduces the experimental error; b) the solution can be loaded directly after amplification onto the agarose gel (one pipetting step less).
  • What is the source of MolTaq products?
    MolTaq products are manufactured at Molzym’s premises. Each lot of enzyme, buffers and other components of the products are subject to routine quality control.

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