FAQ - Automation

    • What are the specifications of the instrument, SelectNA™?
      SelectNA™ is a contained instrument for the extraction and isolation of DNA from pathogenic bacteria from blood and other body liquids. The instrument serves the sensitive diagnosis of infectious diseases by supplying highly pure bacteria DNA to universal and other PCR assays. SelectNA™ can be used with single samples or in medium size mode with up to 12 parallel extractions. A strong UV source moving around in the interior decontaminates the instrument from cells and DNA thus eliminating a source of low false-positives during assaying. The pathogen DNA isolation pathway includes a manual, low-hands on time procedure for the removal of human DNA (MolYsis) and the automated extraction and purification of pathogen DNA.
    • What are the clinical samples that can be processed by the SelectNA™?
      The system can be used with any body fluid, including whole blood, CSF, BAL, peritoneal, synovial and other aspirates.
    • How many extractions can be run by the SelectNA™?
      The instrument allows to be flexible for the extraction of samples. You can extract 1 to 12 samples with a single run.
    • What is the volume of sample processed?
      The sample volume processed is 1ml. Liquid material with less volume can also be processed.
    • What is the processing time of pathogen DNA isolation?
      The whole process of sample pre-treatment (human DNA removal), extraction and purification lasts approx. 145 min. The total hands-on time needed is 45min and thus accounts only 50% of the manual pathogen DNA isolation procedure, MolYsis Complete5.
    • What are the components delivered with the 'Blood Pathogen' kit for the SelectNA™ instrument?
      The 'Blood Pathogen' kit includes all reagents and consumables necessary for extraction and purification of pathogen DNA (except pipette tips). In particular, DNA-free plastic consumables, including sample tubes, pumps for liquid handling and pre-filled cartidges, reagents for sample pre-treatment (human DNA removal), pathogen cell lysis, extraction and purification are delivered with the kit.
    • How does the DNA isolation by the SelectNA™ work?
      After a short, low-hands on manual pre-treatment for the removal of human DNA the concentrated, bacteria-enriched sample is applied to the automat where it is extracted and pathogen DNA is purified by automated liquid handling. The purification of the DNA is magnetic bead-based. At the end, the isolated DNA is eluted in a 100µl volume.
    • How is the DNA-free state of all reagents and consumables of the kit guaranteed?
      All components of the 'Blood Pathogen' kit are manufactured under strict quality management and control for the absence of contaminating bacterial DNA. The guaranteed lot-by-lot rate of false positive results is equal to or less than 3%.

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