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About Molzym


Molzym was founded as a privately owned enterprise in Bremen, North-West Germany, in 2003. Ever since its foundation, Molzym was committed to develop innovative solutions to serve biological research and diagnosis of infectious diseases. Our developmental efforts are particularly focused on new processes enabling and facilitating the molecular diagnosis of infectious diseases caused by bacteria and fungi. Meanwhile, more than 50 ultra-clean products are available for molecular microbial analysis by PCR-, hybridization- and NGS-based methods in 30 countries worldwide.


Molzym’s manufacturing process is directed to the production of ultra-clean reagents and kits for microbial nucleic acid extraction and amplification processes. In particular, reagents and consumables are supplied free of contaminating microbial DNA – controlled lot by lot. Our customers appreciate the ability of increasing the number of amplification cycles and thus lowering the limit of detection dramatically without false positive results arising from contaminating microbial DNA. Another core expertise is Molzym’s unique technology of the removal of human DNA, a well-known factor negatively influencing sensitive PCR and microbiome analysis at low microbial loads. 


MolYsis™ is Molzym’s proprietary technology of human DNA removal and targeted isolation of microbial DNA from a variety of clinical samples, including whole blood, CSF, BAL, joint aspirates, tissue biopsies, abscesses and other material. Ultra-pure, DNA-free PCR reagents and master mixes allow for the precise detection and monitoring of infectious diseases in humans and animal models. Complete assays for the broad-range amplification of parts of the 16S and 18S rRNA genes of bacteria and fungi are available for PCR analysis at 40 cycles. Basic master mixes can be used with custom primers for PCR and Real-Time PCR analysis.


The latest development is a walk-away robotic system, SelectNA™plus, for the fully automated extraction of human DNA-depleted microbial DNA from clinical and other material. SelectNA™plus combines highest technical advances with demands for contamination-free and low-hands-on processing of samples for highest detection sensitivity of pathogens.


If specific solutions are requested, Molzym offers a service for the purification of customized master mixes. Molzym is always open to any collaboration directed to the development of individualized, pre-analytic and analytic adaptations, including automated DNA isolation. Molzym has developed a broad portfolio of patented technologies and reagents for pathogen-DNA enrichment, isolation and detection, including PCR and NGS applications.

The Molzym team appreciates your interest and is at your disposal for further information about our products and developmental issues. Please call at: +49(0)421-696162-0 or send your inquiries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or use the Information Request formular.