Microbial Identification Service


In quality control operations of the pharmaceutical, medical device, health, and food industries, strain tracking is often demanded in order to identify sources of microbes found to be contaminating the product or the production environment. Criteria essential for efficiently tracking the origins of strains are speed, accuracy, precision, and cost effectiveness.

Molzym is a contract laboratory that provides microbial identification services. Based on contamination-free PCR assays, Molzym provides the most sensitive and reliable microbial detection system. Detected DNA of microorganisms (bacteria, fungi) in samples is subsequently sequenced and identified using Molzym’s SepsiTest™ BLAST search tool (www.sepsitest-blast.net). We can identify more than 7,300 microbial species on the grounds of a quality-controlled database of reference with 16S and 18S rRNA gene sequences of bacteria, yeasts and other pathogenic fungi.

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