Custom PCR Assay Development


Molzym's assay development services are project-based and designed for molecular microbe identification in specimens for diagnosis, production quality and hygienic control. With our long-time experience in assays design and manufacture practice we provide solutions for your needs, delivering top-quality assays and relieving your staff and facilities from laborious and costly developmental work.

The service includes the design and optimisation of primers in PCR reactions with respect to analytical sensitivity and specificity as well as the manufacturing of assays including quality control. Our scientists and project managers will discuss with each client the project design, costs estimates, and delivery features.


Key features of our service

Comprehensive service:
Our assay development service ranges from primer design, PCR optimisation, reagent purification, quality control design including DNA decontamination of reagents as well as solutions for optimal sample pre-analytics (DNA extraction from samples).
High efficiency: Our proprietary technologies and high quality products combined with long years of experience are our prerequisite and guarantee for successful projects.
Fast turnaround: All assays will be developed shortly while remaining our high quality standards.
Strong ScientificSupport: Each project is carefully evaluated and designed by experienced scientists.


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