Technology - Genomic

CCT - Cation Complexation Technology Key Features:
  • pH independent
  • Extremly high binding capacity
  • Suitable for viscous material
  • No shearing forces

CCT – High yield nucleic acid purification technology

Molzym’s proprietary technology allows the purification of large amounts of highly pure DNA. The CCT technology explores the binding of DNA to special matrices in the presence of magnesium ions. After the initial binding of DNA, impurities like proteins, metabolites and salts are removed by two short washing steps. Finally, the bound nucleic acids are eluted with a buffer removing the magnesium ions by using low EDTA concentration (TE buffer). CCT and the Molzym matrices guarantee a high binding capacity of the mini spin columns. The high porosity of Molzym matrices let highly viscous samples pass the column smoothly thus reducing shearing forces and hence resulting in high molecular size DNA.


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